Around the world

We see the world from our own eyes. Now let us see it from the eyes of a camera lens.

These concrete jungles often get hammered for tarnishing the landscape and greenery of a city, but look at the image above and see if you can find ugliness, in the majestic display, or the colourful reflection within still water.

Bridges allow for us to enter into the maze of architectural wonders, yet the bridges themselves deserve acclaim for their, unyielding posture, fraught with sophistication and diligence, protecting all those that cross it,discriminating against none.

When dark clouds give rise to a tidal wave of inner city traffic, chart your course behind the wheel of yachts that cut through the uneasy seas with grace and vigilance, all the while providing passengers a relaxing and enjoyable passage.

When your body aches and your mind pains from the trials and tribulations of big city life, throw into the back of your car an overnight bag and make your way out of the traffic light filled roads. Head towards the open country side, with long winding paths and a sanctuary, delicately situated; where peace and untamed nature are your neighbours.

If, perchance, you lose your way and end up drifting aimlessly, guided only by the location of the flaming ball of light that rules the skies, let the lonely beacon of light guide you to safety.

Wherever you go, you will find a home. Look beyond the grotesque, mass production of negativity and everywhere you see will contain indisputable beauty.


6 comments on “Around the world

  1. C.Sriram says:

    You longing to see the beauty of city life is truly surprising. Let not your bustling city disappoint you with its ‘quite an unnatural look’.


  2. the artist. says:

    why does it surprise you???

  3. Reinkingittoo says:

    I agree, but keep in mind, that things sometimes only look good from a distance, and that a picture is only as good as what the lens is directed towards.

  4. Reinkingittoo says:

    But some would say that’s ‘ignorance’

  5. DG says:

    love the selection of photos and love the new optimistic twist you’ve put on it 🙂

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