Dreams and Nightmares

I dream of that stairwell, where we shed our inhibitions and our intertwined fingers linked our futures together.

I have  nightmares of departures, delivered in less than 160 characters.

I dream of that timetable, two lives, one schedule.

I have nightmares of departures, delivered by silence.

I dream of that dimly lit entrance foyer, where we stole kisses and left enduring memories.

I have nightmares of departures, your tears erasing my final letter.

I dream of that clandestine meetings in a study room, your eyes catching mine and my smile illuminating your body.

I have nightmares of departures, a happy meal devoid of joy, *exit stage left*

I dream of those little talks and long walks, where our hearts would beat louder than our words.

I have nightmares of departures, your misplaced anger setting fire to all that we knew.

Someday, a love will not know loss and a relationship will not bear cost. A love will be found on open streets with one someone unknown, beautiful and sweet. Slow kisses, long lives – a timeless dance, innocent yet cleverly,

She will be my reverie.