Electoral mystery

It’s an electoral mystery,

The illiterate can’t read history.

So we spread mass hysteria.

They can’t raise a family on minimum wage,

So spew some political diarrhea,

And keep them locked in a cage.


Revolution is the birth of equality and progression.

It’s the antitheses to failure and regression.

Don’t speculate about what Gandhi would say,

Don’t expect economic growth on a tray.

Don’t subscribe to an idea of zero corruption

Cause everything you’ve been told has been a lie.

They want to build you up and make you try,

Without any infrastructure so as you get closer to the Sun,

You fry.

Prometheus brought us fire,

Modi let it burn innocents.

Pandora the media opened the box,

The Gandhis and Congress silently let the terrors consume us.

The ordinary man wanted food to eat

Kejriwal’s anarchy brought them out to the street.


Choose wisely, Choose soon.

Choose the savior, not the goon.

Bleed blue not red.

Vote right India, else we’re all…




You may not be old enough to vote…

But here’s a poll that would love your input.

Debates have long been part of society’s communicative ways. They’re interesting, sometimes exciting and the best part they’re informative. An intellectual banter between two or more people illustrates all the different perspectives of a subject, and perspective is vital to have a comprehensive understanding of anything.

So, we would like to partake in a debate in which we would like all of you to be part of as well. We’ve listed some topics below you can choose from, but if you have a better idea please comment and tell us. It’ll be a heated, informative and interesting discussion, at the end of which you can vote and tell us which perspective you agree with.

Let the voting begin!