Summer musing

I was both your umbrella and your rain,

Your wound and your pain.

I was a juxtaposition that brought stability to your life,

I was a juxtaposition that brought you nothing but strife.

You were my refuge, I could hide away in the soft curls of your hair,

You loved me when I least deserved it, you sheltered me from every nightmare.

I am your summer rain, allowing for a burst of sunshine and then gone again.

You are not just my summer but every season.

You are not my excuse, you are my reason.



Having fun doing nothing?

Summer brings with it a break from the notoriety of work, schooling and several forms of work. While we look forward to summer with ever increasing anticipation, when summer actually comes around and we are past our week of idle “nothing doing” and domestic or foreign trips, we are left with an extended period of unplanned time of work.

It is during this time we fall into an emotional state of mind in which we are devoid of any stimulation, uninterested in our surroundings and ironically, without work. It now seems that work saves us from boredom, which can be linked to long holidays. Am I suggesting we work more? No, I’m suggesting we develop an ambition to die of exhaustion rather than boredom.

We can cure boredom through curiosity and we do not need to worry about a cure of curiosity because when we are curious we have no excuse to stray into the path of boredom. We can have an excuse to be sad. An excuse to be angry. But no excuse to be bored

So this summer, embrace a new idea, take up a new activity, see a new city from beyond the enclave of a hotel room. If you reach the stage where you can shamelessly say “I am bored,” you should instead admit that “I am boring.”

Have a good, boredom devoid, summer.