Dark Knight Rises

So… Is anyone else questioning where exactly Joseph Gordon-Levitt fits into the plot of the Dark Knight Rises? Well I’ve been wondering about it and my geek juices started flowing and I remembering all those DC comics I “borrowed” from my brother (only Batman ones, not Superman pfft).

Before you do continue reading, bear in mind this is just a conspiracy theory and I hope it doesn’t ruin your viewing experience…

beast mode.

Okay, let’s continue unabated. Bane, in the comics is first introduced as “the man who broke the bat” and somehow, after seeing the trailer and hearing those chilling words “your punishment must be more severe,” it wouldn’t surprise me if Nolan toys with the emotions of audiences by allowing Bane to rip Batman from limb to limb and allowing JGL to assume the role of Azareal, Batman’s successor who, funnily enough, was named Jean-Paul Valley(I’m going by the three names in one hunch). However, having said all that, I somehow don’t see J.G.L becoming Azrael, because for all his acting prowess J.G.L doesn’t seem violent or overtly ruthless. Instead I see J.G.L as the type of person to inspire Batman and help him back into the suit. Some might even say J.G.L makes for a Robin.. fortunately though in the saying;

You either end as a trilogy or release enough installments to include Robin (play on what Harvey Dent said).

Christopher Nolan chose the former and that puts the matter to a rest.

Great shot of Mentor and Prodigy?

Anyway, that’s my 2 cents in what might just be a treasure chest for the Box Office and for Hollywood in terms of undisputed quality.