Reverie, Reignited

She is my reverie,

I am her memory.

She is my heartbeat,

I am her afterthought.

She is my smile,

I am a wrinkle on her forehead.

She is home,

I am a crack in the wall.

She is my journey,

I am her punctured tire,

She is my greatness,

I am her misunderstanding.

She is my reverie,

I am her tragedy.

I am her purgatory,

She is my redemption.



“You don’t love me, do you?”

I could love you. I could, if I opened myself up to the possibility, serenade you with affection that knows no bounds. I could celebrate and cherish your brilliance. I could allow myself to be mesmerised my your never ending ability to amaze.

I could stare at you, until the battery of my internal clock runs out. I could find myself by becoming lost in your piercing, yet kind eyes. I could intertwine my fingers with your smooth and elegant ones while occupying my remaining scenes on your delectable scent while sampling your taste by letting my lips linger on yours.

Yes, I could love you with my mind and body. But I deserve you not. You are worthy of much more, for angels are not gratified my mortals.

Return of the reverie

I tried to walk away but kept getting pulled back
Had a chink in my armour that, once exploited, became a crack.
Now i’m road kill without a life-support pack

Ran me over, left me pinned to the ground,
Drove away, never bothered turning around.
Raised the volume to drown out my sound,
Left me in critical condition and vanished; nowhere to be found.

What happened to “till kingdom come”
Now it’s only heartbreak and then some.
Ignored all the warning signs and was left feeling dumb.
No get well soon card at the hospital where I was lying, numb.

You cracked the ice and now i’m adrift at sea.
I cling to a raft called ‘memory’
You managed to ruin me and seem like the victim so cleverly,
Now I think of all the what-ifs and reminisce in my reverie.

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Where do we go now?

20120414-024126 AM.jpg

You don’t know where we stand so how about we sit?
Quit arguing and talk for a bit…
Understand what we’re saying
Rather than dragging our feet and delaying.

We were once together
Now we’re apart
Maybe if we ignored our history
Our friendship could get a real start

But first you need to know that’s what you want.
I’m here for your happiness, i’m not here to haunt.
Yesterday’s over, i’m not using the past to taunt
You need to decide soon because indecisiveness isn’t attractive to flaunt.

Either we move forward or say goodbye,
There will be no bitterness, so no need to cry.
No matter what, we’ll remain close even if it’s just as a memory,
To call upon each other would be to simply escape into a reverie…

20120414-024143 AM.jpg

A tribute to the past.

They said to enter a contest,

To see who is the best.

But one look at you and I thought,

I’ll leave the prize for the rest. .

One look into your dark brown eyes,

Your hand in mine during those starry nighs,

Your kiss better than a stanza describing love,

Your silky hair better than a haiku about a dove.

Your beauty more radiant than a sonnet from above.

Being close to you makes my heart beat faster than a limerick’s pace,

Not even an Asian ghazal can compete with the beauty upon your face.

Even an Elegy finds solace in your heart,

Like I did from the very start.

Forgive me dear reader,

But now we must part,

For the rest is best

Left in my memory,

Where she lies,

In disguise,

My reverie.