A couple of years ago, a relationship of mine came to an end and I was left heartbroken.
Today however, I realise how wrong I was back then. Today I am heartbroken. Today Manchester City have won the title…. Courtesy a superior goal difference. Today, Manchester United have finished second to their noise, inbred, mercenary filled neighbours. Today, even a man with no tear ducts is shedding tears, a fat lady no longer knows what song to sing and even the sun is afraid to shine tomorrow.

My heart has broken into 20 pieces. Given the option, I would lose a great love every-time rather than see, in big bold font, that a team from Manchester, but not United has won the premier league.

I am so very despondent and so full of despair that I may even watch a Salman Khan movie or Jersey Shore or even watch a game of darts. Surely it doesn’t get worse that today’s premier league madness.

But I believe in the saying “ordo ab chao” chaos from order. Manchester United have been burned this season, but like a phoenix, they will rise and conquer once again. Even the mighty stumble, we’ve seen it with Federer, Barcelona, Tendulkar, but just like the aforementioned names, they do not fall but bounce back and obliterate all obstacles in their way.

Glory… Glory… Man United

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