Electoral mystery

It’s an electoral mystery,

The illiterate can’t read history.

So we spread mass hysteria.

They can’t raise a family on minimum wage,

So spew some political diarrhea,

And keep them locked in a cage.


Revolution is the birth of equality and progression.

It’s the antitheses to failure and regression.

Don’t speculate about what Gandhi would say,

Don’t expect economic growth on a tray.

Don’t subscribe to an idea of zero corruption

Cause everything you’ve been told has been a lie.

They want to build you up and make you try,

Without any infrastructure so as you get closer to the Sun,

You fry.

Prometheus brought us fire,

Modi let it burn innocents.

Pandora the media opened the box,

The Gandhis and Congress silently let the terrors consume us.

The ordinary man wanted food to eat

Kejriwal’s anarchy brought them out to the street.


Choose wisely, Choose soon.

Choose the savior, not the goon.

Bleed blue not red.

Vote right India, else we’re all…




Indian elections

Indian elections

Three different candidates. Three equally corrupt and morally bankrupt candidates. Three different parties. Three equally ridiculous parties that are anathemas to progression. 1.2 billion people, 850 million eligible voters and we have a Hindu nationalist, a man who can’t phrase an original sentence and a man whose only response is to defer to the ordinary man. If you think Yuvraj Singh screwed us in the final, you have no idea how badly we’re about to screw ourselves.


Can Modi deal with the Americans, the Pakistanis, the Chinese?

Can Kejriwal?

Can Gandhi?


Can either of them usher in the light of a boom in our economy, a sustainable boom?

Can either of them plug the brain drain in our nation?

Can either of them remind us what it really means to be Indian?


Rebuilding a temple, feeding nationalism, starving the poor.

Feed the poor, starve the economy.

Antagonize the rich, run the country from the pavement.


All of these men want to divide and rule, none want to unite and lead.

You choose India; who is your devil of choice? Our grandparents fought to be independent of criminals, now we’re fighting to be dependent on them.

Political language… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.

George Orwell



Forget BRICs in the wall…

Enough talk about India being a BRIC economy. Enough talk of all the corruption, poverty and Bollywood. Enough talk about cricket and Sachin Tendulkar’s ridiculous new hairstyle. Let’s talk about sprinting, sailing, gymnastics, swimming and, my favourite, field hockey. Before I launch into a tirade, consider three things;

1) How many Indians can you name who professionally represent the country in the sports I mentioned above, barring cricket?

2) India, as reported by the World Bank, has a population 1,241,491,960. To the numerically inept, that’s roughly 1.2 billion people.

3) London 2012 has been India’s most successful showing at the Olympics with medals.

Do I still need to launch into a tirade about India’s continuously dismal showing at the Olympics? I was armed with a slew of statistics pertaining to medal hauls of other BRIC economies during the Olympics but I’ll simply state that every single one of those nations has better statistics than India.

But why should I point out our shortcomings? The Indian media seems to do it everyday. Let’s have a look at the solutions.

1) Where has our national pride gone? Men line up to enlist in the army. Men walk across cities just to be able to display their skills in front of greedy, unfit scouts in order to one day share a dressing room with members of the Indian cricketing team. So where has our national pride gone in terms of field hockey? A sport India’s won 8 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze in. Why can we not find, from 1.2 billion people, a few world class sprinters, a few world class archers, a few world class boxers, wrestlers, weightlifters, gymnasts and… hockey players? The solution begins by instilling national pride. Make our athletes noticeable everyday. Not just once every 4 years or until the time for board exams comes around.

2) People say, we have the talent but not the facilities and infrastructure to train them and support them. Why not? We can raise the money for it. Let’s just ask politicians to stop being so corrupt. But then the response from the general public is; “If you can raise money for sports, why not raise money for alleviating poverty?” Actually, by raising money for one, you are inadvertently raising money for the other. Allow me to explain why. A large percentage of our nation lives in poverty, which suggests that there is a large pool of untapped talent waiting to be discovered. How can they be discovered? Once they are discovered, what difference does it make? They’re still poor unless they win.

3) India loves game shows, music competitions and off late we’ve taken a liking to reality TV. So why

Can Maruti sponsor “India’s Got Olympians?”

not make a TV show out of it; “Where are India’s Olympians?” That way, the country can watch and become educated, revenue can be generated to satisfy the gluttonous capitalists, tax from the revenue can be used to fund our athletes. Moreover, attention can be drawn to the far out cities and economic development can ensue, which would lead to educational and infrastructural and, before you know it, sporting and political development. “A Mobile in every hand” increases the reach of corporate giants to advertise these T.V shows and to integrate the community and organise flailing systems.

4)  “Even if the cities get some money and attention, the athletes will still remain poor unless they win and the likelihood of them winning is minimal considering they don’t get sufficient training.” Where are the Ambani’s, Tata’s, Bollywood superstar’s, steel magnates and other corporate giants. Where the hell is Vijay Mallya?  India has 48 US dollar billionaires and we can’t find a couple of million dollars in funding for our athletes? Startling that we can’t find national pride.  Our cricketers and soldiers have access to living and housing and contractual agreements that provide them with a salary and a level of financial stability. Why not extend that to other Athletes?

5) There seems to see a lack of sufficient training space within large, booming cities. Let’s move outside these cities and go to cities were we can set up training facilities that will also employ poverty stricken people, but will also lead to gentrification and substantial development in these isolated regions.

Forget China, Russia Brazil and then U.K, USA, Germany and France. If a country like Serbia or Kazakhstan or Jamaica can win gold medals, why can’t a talent rich country like India? Progress is being made. 3 medals in 2008 has become 4 medals in 2009 but a lot more needs to be done.

I admit we have problems, but we also have the ability to overcome, to persevere, to soar to new heights and… to win. Chak De India! anyone?

This image for our Olympians one day?


They came for us, while we slept. They came for us while we worked. They now come for us while we pray.

They do not respect the sanctity of our homes, workplaces, parks, café’s, restaurants, cinemas and now the sanctity of our very religious sites have been obliterated by heinous acts of violence. This is not the first time religious sites and the worshippers within have fallen to the sound of death serving machines, nor will this be the last time. Until the very seeds of evil are not rooted out and crushed and until the evil doers are not persecuted and obliterated, we will not know peace.

This evil takes many faces. This evil assumes many personalities. This evil is situated along every walk of life. This evil has slowly ingrained itself into the very fabric of what we call a progressive society. Yet we continue to foster this evil knowing full well that once it rears its ugly head, we will fall. We continue to treat each other with hostility, with a nauseating sense of paranoia that seems phobic, paralysing.

Education. Knowledge. Understanding. Acceptance. Unity. Humility. These are the words we ought to subscribe to.

R.I.P. Not only to the victims of the shootings in Wisconsin and Colorado, but also to everyone who has lost their life, from Syria to India to Africa and to the corners of the world that are still unknown to us.

Word to 1 billion people

I’m from a nation of poverty and fear,

Where a bankrupt guy is selling beer.

Government’s promises are on repeat,

But the poor man still has nothing to eat,

His children walk barefoot to avoid washing other’s feet.

The child lives in a slum beside a billion dollar mansion

He has to share his room with 10 other people while the rich look at plans for expansion.

This is a nation where truth alone prevails,

While our justice system continuously fails,

Bad policy making by the powers that be,

Ensure higher taxes and even death is no longer free.

Truth remains silent,

As notorious individuals continue being violent.

This is a nation of hope and dreams

Where the woman being raped is ignored despite her screams.

Where the media looks for ratings rather than news,

And anything branded under star only seeks to amuse.

It’s not about monetary it’s about morality

If you’re not corrupt in the heart, you won’t be in the mind

Humanity and sanity is not all that hard to find.

Politics isn’t a business, it’s about improving welfare

1 billion people, start taking care.

Someone needs to tell them the game is up,

They better sort it out before, rather than being half full, there is no cup.

I think I underestimated my parents…

My Parents are ageing… Soon enough, they’ll succumb to grey hair and start their incessant nagging and back seat driving… Wait, they already do that. Never-mind. Point is, they’ll get old, and when they were kids, TV was reserved for nasa and all that jazz. However, my parents turned out to be quite smart.

When they began noticing my tendency to take an hour on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday morning to indulge in a bunch of TV shows, they decided to have them cancelled. It is no surprise then that the year 2012 has already seen the demise of the fantastic One Tree Hill and most recently Harry’s law, with House set to air its series finale soon enough.

9 million loyal viewers in the States and it still gets cancelled.

Then, back in the day, when I was young like a caterpillar (really, how do I manage to consistently come out with so much crap?) I used to watch Boston Legal and The West Wing. Both shows ended after my parents voiced their disapproval of me spending too much time on them.

Now, I’m not a person who entertains too many conspiracies. Okay, I do think my neighbour is an assassin, but I have my reasons…. Point is, this is elementary logic. My parents voice their disapproval, A tv show gets cancelled. Therefore my parents cancelled the TV show.

You seem discomforted by such simplicity. Well, you’re not wrong. What I’ve just described to you is an ancient scenario called “Post hoc, ergo popter hoc.” After this, therefore because of this, which quite frankly is not a given. Correlation does not imply causation. But still, I harbour a doubt that my parents are actually agents for parents next door… (I watched kids next door back in the day and they’ve all grown up so … it’s a logical thing).

Oh well, to whoever is getting rid of all the amazing TV shows out there, based on ratings or whatever; you’re all idiots. Oh, and I learnt that “post hoc” phrase… from a tv show…

Sometimes I wish Ekta Kapoor and the brainiacs from India could make such excellent TV shows. At least then, we’d get to see 100 seasons. The only opportunity cost there is terrible advertising and the occasional freeze frame shifting across every single character present in the scene simply to make a mockery out of the climax.

that’s the finger we all should point to TV corporations.

I love India because…

I’m not so sure right now… There are a lot of flaws with the nation and its people; however, most of the time we manage to rise above it and still make giant strides towards progression, both socially and economically.
Yet, off late, there has been an increase in the output of negatives from “the great nation.”
Take for example the recent increase in activists protesting against corruption. I’ve already hammered Anna Hazare for using his fasting as an excuse to lose weight, but the really dubious character is Baba Ramdev.
Recently at a rally, Ramdev was asked by a student about his escape from Delhi’s Ramleela Ground, dressed as a woman. Pause. Chaos. The student is dragged out away from the rally and beat up by a group of educated and knowledgeable inbreds. What does Ramdev do? Nothing. The police do… Nothing.
Pause, think about the Aarushi’s murder. the cracks that have appeared in the judicial system over the past year have been amplified by this case.

You’ve got to wonder where what went wrong. A corrupt man preaching corruption. Laws defending criminals and politicians imitating children in a play ground. We can build nuclear weapons and cheer economic development but if we can’t fix our morals and overt hypocrisy, then no amount of money will buy us out of that recession.

I love India because… Well, I’m now searching for the answer. You should too.

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