The Alpen-Glow

Your hair, your eyes, your smile, your lies.

Whenever you speak, you ensnare me;

A victim of your confusion, I tried to endure, patiently.

I watched from afar and cared for you indiscriminately.

Sitting close to you, I  yearned for your touch;

A seemingly innocent embrace gave me a rush.

You could have claimed me but you stayed with another,

Every time we got closer, you ran away, further.

Read my words clearly, this is not a safety net,

I accepted our distance, but my feelings and curiosity are not done yet.

I’ll sit here and put pen to paper and ask ‘what if?’

The answer stares back at me, devoid of prosaic mastery;

it is a mystery, it is a blank; unknown, undefined.

I cannot place you nor can I set you free;

So i’ll hold you close in one way or another for eternity.



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