I cannot have you.

I cannot have you.
Yet, I long for you.
I’m the kind of person who would miss an appointment with work or friends to meet you for coffee. I’d run across town to sit with you on the grass for ten minutes. I’d cycle to you at 3-am in the morning if you were unable to sleep. I’d have an extra dinner just to make sure you eat, even though my insides are ready to mutiny against me. Before you could finish asking, my answer would be ‘yes,’ because I don’t want you to waste energy completing sentences.  I would let my passion for you set my ego and pride on fire just so that the ensuing warmth or fireworks would brighten up your day. I have brought worlds crashing down and constructed new worlds where we could be together.
You are my reverie, I dream you.
For me, imagination and desire are one and the same.
I cannot have you.

2 comments on “I cannot have you.

  1. HerMajesty says:

    Everything amplified mush, until the last line. Took it beyond. Level: Devdas.

  2. Geraldine says:

    You fell for her courage, her sincerity and her flaming self respect. It’s these things you would believe in even if the whole world indulged in wild suspicions. You loved her and that could be the beginning of everything your life holds. Even the future. While reveries remain, characters change. What once was a flame, may now be lacking the smallest spark. But life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall. 🙂

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