Predictable Girl

It’s you,
The predictable girl. Predictable because your mind is sharper than a sword, your words are softer than silk, your love is deeper than the ocean, your kiss is an intoxicant.
Predictable because your smile is brighter than day, your heart is more accommodating than the night.
You are predictable because you’re truer than the truth yet misinterpreted as a cliché.

Regardless of who you are to them,
To me you are predictable because I know you’ll always be the object of my desire, the subject of my discussion, the taste on my tongue, the name on my lips, the lingering touch on my finger tips.

Simply put, you are most predictable because I can always expect the unexpected. Just when I think you cannot amaze me further, you dazzle me with your indefatigable spirit.

You are predictable in the most cynical sense because you are an enigma,
Indecipherable to most, yet when the code is broken, you are the most loveable person.

Have I broken the code?


3 comments on “Predictable Girl

  1. Berry says:

    I love this, I love this so.

  2. Wat a relief to read something so fresh n diff from the usual “mysterious girl”!
    p.s: you should write more often!

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