Confession from a man

We do it without realizing,
We just don’t have a clue.
Reading between the lines is
Something we just cannot do.
When there’s an argument,
We always think we’re right.
No matter what you say or do
We take no responsibility for the fight.
We blame it on our hormones
And never take the rap.
But when we call you moody bitches
We end up getting slapped.

17 comments on “Confession from a man

  1. renacokayne says:

    Love it! well said Rena

  2. 21joker says:

    why haven’t you written in so long?

    • the artist. says:

      Released two new posts. Why is your name 21joker? Come off anon :)?

      • 21joker says:

        Impressive, you had been slacking.
        Because I wear a fake smile….
        Being anon isn’t the worst thing, besides, everything is symbolic 🙂

      • the artist. says:

        Now i’m really curious about who you are…
        “Because I wear a fake smile…” Do I know you? I had a friend once who would often flash fake smiles to mask their discontent. Another one would stick their tongue out, which for some reason made sense to everyone else….

        Being anon is awful, symbols are often more misleading than enlightening.

      • 21joker says:

        You know what they say about curiosity.
        Sometimes the best form of defence is offence. There is always a symbolic reason for ones actions.
        Masking ones pain or discontent from everyone else sometimes brings one a sense of comfort, why burden others with what you have to deal with yourself. Being a joker may be lonely but it’s effective.
        Being anon isn’t awful, it’s what people are brought too eventually. Most people writing blogs are anon, sometimes it’s easier expressing yourself anonymously without the fear of being judged.
        I can’t say I disagree with you about symbols though, but life is a symbol and dealing with them is a part of living.

      • the artist. says:

        I happen to not be a cat. Again, Do I know you?

        Had? yes, I have an incredible ability to hurt those closest to me; my friendship turnover rate is far too high. Perhaps that is why I write as an anon myself; I can express myself here and be open about it without judgement and bias.

        You needn’t be anon; you’re not writing a blog, you’re writing comments. Although as someone who is hiding from judgement, I can understand you issue; I assure you I am in no position to judge anyone!

      • the artist. says:

        Also, a joker is the smartest individual in the room and I feel like you’re living up to the name.

      • 21joker says:

        We don’t really know each other, we’ve never truly met.

        Sometimes those who hurt those closest to them do it knowingly, it becomes a habit, part of who you are, it’s more conscious than not, if you’re aware of your turn over rate then you’re aware of your actions and their effects. You say you have “an incredible ability to hurt those closest” that in itself is self realisation. Ability requires consciousness.

        Ahh, but I do have a blog, therefore I do need to be anon. Furthermore, comments can have as much of an impact as a blog, it’s what you convey that matters, not how.

        So you’re hiding from judgment then? why?
        No one in life is in any position to judge another, but irregardless it still occurs.

        I do hope I am… Although, “smartness” is subjective.

      • the artist. says:

        That’s a very cryptic opening statement.

        What I do know is you’re clearly a better writer than I am. So thank you for stopping by and commenting; probably one of the better conversations I’ve had off late.
        As for it being a habit, I suppose stability is not something I enjoy or am comfortable with, people get to know you, they try and get a read on you… Crazy stuff. I went on your blog looking for some hint as to who you are, no posts, no clues. If you want something to matter, let it come from you, not your anon (please don’t turn this on me :p )

        I’m hiding from judgment because people who know me don’t know the side of me that writes about being a miserable git 24/7 or someone potentially decent. Easier to keep it that way.

        Smartness is subjective, your smartness seems fairly obvious 🙂

  3. 21joker says:

    Like I said, everything is symbolic.

    You clearly haven’t had any good conversations lately then, this was just but a teaser.

    Constituity and stability may not be entertaining but it’s what helps us achieve inner peace. What is wrong with people knowing you? Ultimately, no one can truly know another individual…

    I write for myself, not for anyone else, it’s my form of therapy. Perhaps, if I am comfortable enough, I will de-privatise my posts. Also, I didn’t have to turn it around on you, you did it yourself by recognising what you said.

    24/7 seems slightly drastic? Sometimes, being miserable is a state of mind….and what’s easy isn’t worth it.

    • the artist. says:

      People don’t want to have conversations about anything relevant. A teaser? Now I really must get to know you!
      Inner peace? “Peace when we are at war.”

      Why should I open myself up to people?

      I write for myself too but no one knows my identity, well barring a few close friends…

      • 21joker says:

        Don’t they? Maybe you know the wrong people…
        Ahh, and how to you propose that?

        We are only at war if we want to fight, what do you have to fight for?

        Why shouldn’t you?

        Sometimes your closest friends are the ones who judge you the most, or make you doubt yourself the most…

      • the artist. says:

        keep your close friends close and enemies even closer :p?
        Well, my proposal is the same.. Drop anon….

      • 21joker says:

        It seems that in the end they all stab you anyways…

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