i wrote this for you

I tasted the rain today and remembered your kiss during the first rain of last summer.

I watched the clouds pass, tracing your skin across their depths.

I watched the flame from a lighter burn a cigarette and remembered how we burned in the fire of our passion.

I left a crossword spot blank because the answer was love and our love could never fit into a puzzle; it had no rationale, no explanation, no solution.

I wanted to write this for you, but the words told me ‘no, no, no, do not write us, we do not want to be written just yet.’ So I sojourned patiently, as I did when I waited for you.

And then I saw leaves fall as the season changed. I saw them crumple and I saw people walk past them, ignorant and uncaring. Just as we walked past the world we had so delicately nourished only a season ago.

They say love can mend everything. They forgot to say love can destroy anything.


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