Decisions in the Unknown

The enigma of a foggy night lies in its ability to make us forget that there exists such a thing as space or surroundings. In a never-ending bubble of mist, all senses of direction, destination and clarity die. Instead, what prevails is a perpetual fear of unknowingly stepping on the wrong path, amplifying that feeling of being lost even more. Blindfolded from the reality, our greatest weapon becomes our mind. Intuition becomes our guide deciding our every step. Imagination becomes our map in our attempts to reach a destination. Together, they force us to find our way even in the dark.

In such situations intuition and imagination seem to be gifts without which we would remain evermore lost. Yet in the unknown, the same two powers of the mind can become curses, bringing forth a tirade of doubts and uncertainties that make taking a step forward seemingly more frightening. Intuition could be the voice bringing forward the what-ifs and where-nows that  paralyze our movements completely. Imagination could become an echo of images from the deepest and darkest corners of our memories of things seen, heard, experienced gone painstakingly wrong. Like the fog, the mind becomes a mystery – unknowable, unpredictable and uncontrollable even to ourselves.

So what do you do?

Do you believe that within your mind lies the powers to transport you out of the mist towards a clear space? Do you fight all the fears and doubts your intuition throws your way to choose which direction to move your feet towards? Do you trust that your imagination will stay true to the reality of the surroundings you are destitute from seeing?

Or do you just shut your eyes and take a step forward?

Life is like a foggy night. Blindfolded you enter with fear in your heart; clearly you step out, transformed.


2 comments on “Decisions in the Unknown

  1. Mind has the power to transport you anywhere, both in the mist of uncertainty and clarity. I go with my instincts, do what you feel right and don’t think too much. Life is all about living the various experiences we gather from our actions, be it right or wrong…

    • fasy41 says:

      Well said. I do think though that the decisions we make with our mind in such moments are defining moments for our identity on some sub-conscious level.

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