A Fight for Dreams

More than anything in the world, she wants to write. She wants her pen to create, on a piece of paper, a world which may be realistically broken and damaged but exists in an impenetrable bubble of hopeful dreams and wishful thinking. She wants to invoke thought and meaning by the magic with which she’ll ties her words together. She wants emotions to transcend through her work  to inflict her readers with a new way to see or understand their surroundings. All she wants to do is write.

Except sometimes dreams seem to be unique entities that exist in a whole separate area of the universe, blocked from becoming real by barriers of such great weight that even the strongest of us flail upon their sight. These barriers test commitment, dedication, perseverance, patience, and love. Her dream of writing may seem simple enough to fulfill – after all, all she needs is a pen and paper – except that too presents itself in the shadows of these great barriers. Sometimes its hard to find the write words to convey what it is she’s feeling. Other times it’s too difficult to even try. Then there are moments where her ideas seem to serve no purpose, warrant no thought, and fail to enlighten.

Fear – be it of failing, of falling, or even of trying – is the glue that makes the barriers even harder to knock down. Fear gives these barriers a force that cages the dream into a realm where none can access it but the imagination. One can imagine living that dream one hundred times over in a world that answers only to your wishes, but the happiness these instances give are short-lived. You open your eyes to reality and the barriers are still there – an enemy waiting to be fought.

Many people have had dreams and made them come true. History books are littered with them. Many are written by them. They remind us that the barriers are only as strong as our fear. Both are conquerable if the will to capture the dream is strong enough and the desire to live it powerful enough. Battles after all are not meant to be won easily – the struggle to win is what makes the glory much more valuable. Victory is about being armed with the right perspective and the best strategy. Armed with this power, just lifting a finger to the barrier will force it to crumble to nothing and the dream will enter the void of reality.

She dreams to write. Someday she just might.


2 comments on “A Fight for Dreams

  1. Lovely post. Writing about the dreams of writing is nice concept.

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