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Dear Poppy,

Words, so powerful when correctly manipulated, currently seem so inchoate, inept and insignificant.

We will meet within the next few hours, nevertheless this is my attempt to gift you a few words, because I was once told that it ‘learning to let go should be learned before learning to get,’ and this is how I have chosen to interpret the saying. Nevertheless time is of the essence and I must concentrate solely on this task and about you, I must not think.

Yet how can I not think of you when every fiber of my being yearns for you. So intensely does this candle burn that I’m afraid to kiss you out of fear that I might set you alight. Or maybe I simply won’t kiss your lips because it might become a habit and I cannot get rid of habits.

But I must tread with caution for too often, areas of stability can disintegrate at a moments notice. Being around you, trivial experiences carry much more significance yet I can see your doubts clouding the sky’s brightness. Embrace me. Let me dispel the winter of uncertainty with the summer of serenity. Let me take your words of anxiety and leave only my touch to linger on your lips.

When we meet next and you ask what I’m thinking about, I shall answer by telling you that I simply want to revel in the knowledge that you moved and breathed in the same world, the same space as me.

Looking out over the magnificent vista, I listen to white clouds and until you arrive,

I miss you,




2 comments on “From the Archives

  1. never read such a beautiful letter ever before.

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