Keep your money, we only deal in illusions.
Deception and deceit,
You won’t be needing a receipt.
The commodities we trade are;
Darkness and immortality.
If it benefits us enough we’ll stake your mortality.

Grains of sand for the money in your hand.
Arms for exorbitant prices
Because if we can control the debt, we can control the crisis.
It allows for us to sow the seeds of discontent
We’re too wealthy and power to ever repent.
You protest, we’ll raise your rent.
Tell me, can you even afford to resent?

The purpose is individual progression,
We don’t care about economic recession,
Nay sir, we thrive on depression.
We don’t care what’s your mission,
As long as we get our commission.

Artistry is our mastery
We’re kings of our craft.
We’ll sell you a burning raft cleverly,
And when you drown, we’ll leave you oblivious by selling you a reverie.

20121014-090627 PM.jpg


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