Unfulfilled Dreams

I walked out of class towards this tree where you were waiting for me, resplendent in a summer dress. I walked towards you, spirits soaring higher with each step that took me closer to you. You smiled that untroubled smile at me and we embraced and let our unbridled emotions dance for a few moments. Then arm in arm, we walked away, relaxed in our own world, trading tales about the trails and tribulations of our day. You told me about that annoying moment from a class a few hours ago and I laughed at your animated expressions, all the while cherishing the sound of your sweet voice. Then we reached an empty park bench and you handed me a sandwich you had picked up from the cafe and as always, I marveled at your consistent ability to be organised. I leaned into give you a quick kiss before sating my hunger.

But that was just a dream I once had, and as I snapped out of my reverie, I saw someone walk towards a tree where someone else was waiting for them. My unfulfilled dream, their fulfilled reality.


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