There are a lot of emotions and thoughts running rampant within me right now, but for all the words in the world; I remain unable to express myself. I sat down and began typing thinking, the words will appear if I just let my fingers dance across the keyboard; however, it seems all i’m able to do is to describe my unfortunate predicament.

So, considering this post adds no real value to you and you’re probably thinking “what is he on about?” Let me simplify matters for you. All the chaos within me can be summed up in one word, two syllables and 7 letters. You’re really not going to like this but what I’m feeling is the title of this post. Why? c’est la vie. 

Or to loosely borrow and manipulate Chuck Palahniuk’s word’s; ‘It’s so hard to forget pain… We have no scars to show for happiness.’


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