Random thought of the day

Why is life not fair?

For most people, life goes on the path that they choose. we pick everything from the clothes we wear in the morning to the friends we make on the way and the careers and marriages we’ll ultimately end up with. Still not a day goes by where some person somewhere on the earth says “life sucks” or “life’s not fair”.  It’ll just be a matter-of-fact following huge workloads, or big fights, or some really serious problem.

We get so frustrated when life doesn’t go our way, because we can’t control everything can we? When that happens it makes sense to get angry, frustrated, upset, annoyed, etc. It’s an involuntary action to an uncontrollable situation; it’s justified.

Yet, assuming that we all have some innate logical sense that we can tap into, here’s what I propose. Next time something goes wrong (your parents get mad, your plans get cancelled, your weekend gets ruined, whatever it is) for one second don’t say or think “life’s not fair” and instead think of an alternative: “can’t do X so let’s do Y instead”. Of course, I realise that I’m suggesting a rational solution to irrational reactions but maybe its possible. Maybe we can stop hating life and find other ways to make it “fair” and learn to really live with what we’ve got.

However, if you’re in a really bad place, then please be my guest and scream it from the mountains, because even if it doesn’t solve anything, at the very least it’ll make you feel better for a while.


2 comments on “Random thought of the day

  1. santoreeves says:

    Relax..!! one might be going through a tough phase or time.. Remember the mantra “This too shall pass” ; that applies to when you are happy too.. So, it will also make you humbler.. 😀

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