They came for us, while we slept. They came for us while we worked. They now come for us while we pray.

They do not respect the sanctity of our homes, workplaces, parks, café’s, restaurants, cinemas and now the sanctity of our very religious sites have been obliterated by heinous acts of violence. This is not the first time religious sites and the worshippers within have fallen to the sound of death serving machines, nor will this be the last time. Until the very seeds of evil are not rooted out and crushed and until the evil doers are not persecuted and obliterated, we will not know peace.

This evil takes many faces. This evil assumes many personalities. This evil is situated along every walk of life. This evil has slowly ingrained itself into the very fabric of what we call a progressive society. Yet we continue to foster this evil knowing full well that once it rears its ugly head, we will fall. We continue to treat each other with hostility, with a nauseating sense of paranoia that seems phobic, paralysing.

Education. Knowledge. Understanding. Acceptance. Unity. Humility. These are the words we ought to subscribe to.

R.I.P. Not only to the victims of the shootings in Wisconsin and Colorado, but also to everyone who has lost their life, from Syria to India to Africa and to the corners of the world that are still unknown to us.


2 comments on “Evil.

  1. Anonymous says:

    one of my favourite posts!

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