Keeping with my overzealous admiration of Batman and what the character symbolizes I had a thought, a partly comical thought and I’ve decided to share it with you. Enjoy.

Mr. Wayne.

He went bat-shit insane.

Couldn’t handle the pain. 

So instead of wallowing down memory lane,

He decided to foray into Gotham, again.

Only this time, there were no Scarecrows or Jokers,

But Gotham’s reckoning; more affectionately known as Bane.

So you decide, did our Dark Knight lose? Or did he gain?

The fire rises.



2 comments on “Batman

  1. ROFL. Good one.
    Hiope u dont mind me adding my 2 cents

    He certainly took a mighty little while,
    but in the end he gained a Selina Kyle 😛

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