Conversation: The End

The tension in the room was slowly but surely being replaced by a sense of defeat, an unwavering sadness that was steadily filtering through and consuming everything. Wariness was beginning to be replaced by weariness as the two began to accept the end.

Eternity was only on their lips and laced in their desire but in their hearts there was only desperation and in their minds their was a doubt that every truth was nothing but a sweet poison, a lie. The air of finality was lingering, choking their thoughts and their emotions. There was nothing left to say, they were out of accusations and excuses.

He was a ghost to her and she was a mirage, to him both apparitions for the short term that could not be indulged in for the long term.

How many fond fools have travelled this path with maps made by cartographers blind? Different perspectives of words built a foundation that could never survive.

“Goodbye?” she whispered, unblinkingly.

“Goodbye.” He confirmed.


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