Harsh words for hard times

I use harsh words because these are hard times.
Change has to begin, which is why I hammer you with rhymes.

You pursued happiness for the right reasons but through the wrong ways,
Now your bank account is weeping as you drown under ever darkening days.

Government policy is sinking any rescue mission,
Wake up people, class is over; diseases are no longer in remission.

Forget damage control, healthcare’s been given a sedative.
Forget familial ties, it’s all relative.

Lack of credit has you in a crunch,
While you decide whether to save or spend,
Corporations are stealing your lunch.
Forget property prices and stow away your greed,
Once you’re six feet under, you’ll only be assessed by another kind of deed.
Future generations are bleeding before birth
Because the world’s beauty is giving way to dirt.

Yawn? No. Wake up.
Fix the world otherwise; forget coffee, not even water will reside in your cup.


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