Return of the reverie

I tried to walk away but kept getting pulled back
Had a chink in my armour that, once exploited, became a crack.
Now i’m road kill without a life-support pack

Ran me over, left me pinned to the ground,
Drove away, never bothered turning around.
Raised the volume to drown out my sound,
Left me in critical condition and vanished; nowhere to be found.

What happened to “till kingdom come”
Now it’s only heartbreak and then some.
Ignored all the warning signs and was left feeling dumb.
No get well soon card at the hospital where I was lying, numb.

You cracked the ice and now i’m adrift at sea.
I cling to a raft called ‘memory’
You managed to ruin me and seem like the victim so cleverly,
Now I think of all the what-ifs and reminisce in my reverie.

20120708-115503 PM.jpg


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