1 Year On

A year ago, I created the blog that you are currently browsing. With terrible handwriting and far too much to say I embarked on what has been a tumultuous adventure of experimenting, expressing and eliciting responses from readers.

Early on I realised that blogging is a lonely task. You stare at a blank page and watch it fill up as your fingers furiously dance along the keyboard and your thoughts and emotions become form letters, words and eventually posts. This trend continues from post to post and eventually you become addicted to your statistics page and seeing how receptive internet users are to the nonsense you regularly write.

For a year now, I’ve consistently posted on topics ranging from economic failures to relationship failures. I’ve managed to sadden, anger and amuse people. However, a moments pause allowed for doubts to flood in.

Am I just posting the same things?

Am I experimenting enough?

Am I writing for myself or for the occasional reader?

Then gas ran out and I reached hotel ‘writer’s block’ and that’s the ball game. At the end of the game, you can either stick around for another innings or go home. I went home for a week or two and realised all the “googling” I was doing was only filling my cranium with more ideas and opinions. So here I am once more, ready to start a new innings ready to write for another year. This year like the previous one will see tirades on the world economy, the odd music review and many heartfelt posts. Yesterday’s done. It’s time for Today. It’s time for Tomorrow.

Ready? Let’s go.


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