The Strong, The Weak And The Caring

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who care and those who don’t. Among the caring there are those who care a whole lot and those who care just a little bit. The idealists among us will agree that the strongest are those who care a lot. In the practical world, though, this doesn’t stand true. See the people who care a lot are subject to the greatest emotional turmoil. They fight the hardest because they feel the most; consequently, if and when they lose, they are negatively affected the most.

However, that’s not their only weakness. The real problem is that those who care A LOT are on a whole other spectrum than everyone else around them, and because of this, they are deemed irrational, their care unnecessary, and their overall persona self-destructive. How often has a man who cared for a cause been forced to shut down because the majority don’t? How often has a women who cared for a right been ignored because no one else seems to think it care-worthy? Yes, this is a gross exaggeration, yes it may also be irrational, unnecessary and pointless, but there are people in this world that care a whole lot who are being dismissed, who are unappreciated, who are in pain, be it on a personal or a public level. Of course there are those who persevere and triumph, but there are many more who are just unknown members of society with a great flame in their heart that no one can see.

Maybe those who don’t care have figured it out: life’s easier after all without the emotional roller-coaster that comes from caring. Isn’t it?






5 comments on “The Strong, The Weak And The Caring

  1. DG says:

    Loving this! And totally relating to it.. Since when is caring such a crime? I’d argue that it can be a strength, not a weakness if those who don’t care don’t get the better of them ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I tend to battle it out with myself! I am a caring person, but sometimes I just don’t want to care. Caring does hurt and does break the heart, but I fight through those emotions and not wanting to care and continue to care. Can’t help myself really and that is where the battle begins. I don’t want to care sometimes and the cycle just goes on and on…. lol Hope that makes sense. lol

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