Is the right thing to do the best thing to do?

Somewhere along the path of making the ‘right’ choices and doing the ‘right’ things, it starts to become apparent that you’ve not made many mistakes but instead, you’ve made an enemy of yourself. Your emotions and instincts pleaded, explained, yelled to no avail while ‘right’ options presented you with cold, hard facts that you willingly embraced. You made decisions that led to career advancements while your social life was left to rot, like the once ripening, yet unpicked fruit.

Alternatively, somewhere along the path of making the wrong choices the image distorts anyway and you still end up isolating ‘you’ from yourself. You become a shadow of the right person, but perhaps your tryst with self defined hedonism was worth it, because when you fell and experienced a hard landing, recovery time allowed for you to create a new game plan, a ‘fool-proof’ plan.

I suppose, somewhere along the path, the trick is to realise that it is not about the ‘right’ thing or the ‘wrong’ thing. It is about finding a balance. It is about understanding our limitations, because contrary to popular belief, we cannot masquerade around in masks pretending to be what we are not. “Our ability to overcome our limits defines us” is what many people defiantly proclaim and these very people suggest that just as we reach our capacity we look up to the skies and the heavens above and realise our capacity is endless. However, we first need to understand who we are before we start understanding our capacities. We need to understand the ramifications the decisions we make have both on ourselves and those around us. Yes, sometimes, peace requires war but sometimes we just have to accept that; blindly indulging in the ‘right’ things may not be the best things. When you go to bed at night, you may rest your head on the most exquisite duck feathered pillow, but in order to achieve that you may have sacrificed resting your head across the body of a loved one.


2 comments on “Is the right thing to do the best thing to do?

  1. Erika says:

    two roads diverged in a yellow wood..

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