Sign that schools have not failed yet.

If you live under a rock, which is rather improbable, then you perhaps are unaware of the fact that the education sector enjoys getting beaten up by politicians of any opposition parties and parents who believe that, for all the money evaporating from their bank accounts, their children’s test scores and general intelligence levels are not quite matching the investment. However, a few hours ago I decided to go wash my hands of all the gravy and other substances that had accumulated during the meal and I had to wait behind a boy of no more than 10.

This little boy proceeded to turn off the tap in order to vigorously scrub his hands with soap. He looked around and, pleased to have an amused audience in me, began to tell me why he was doing what he was doing;

We must close water taps to save water so that tomorrow other people can have some as well. We must also wash our hands well to ensure that no bad germs, which are known as bacteria, hurt us. You should do the same

Stunned I smiled politely, said “I agree” and the boy departed, after elegantly wiping his hands clean with tissue paper that eventually found its way into the dustbin. Apparently schools are doing a good job making kids conscientious about the environment and personal hygiene.

But then, the boy was perfectly content speaking to a complete stranger. So maybe schools were failing to teach the simple life rule of “don’t talk to strangers,” especially not strangers with grime on their hands in claustrophobic bathrooms.


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