The need for verbosity

For those of you who think I’m a pompous jackass for including a “big” word in the title; verbosity. If you are lacking torpor while reading this post, then verbosity is an expressive style that uses expressive or empty words.

The point is, nowadays we feel the need to express ourselves in the most roundabout manner possible, and nothing is different at home. Anyone who can use one word instead of ten just isn’t trying hard enough. Throw in some melodramatic Bollywood lines mixed with some roughly translated Indian and Chinese proverbs; a word here, a word there and eventually you have sentences that mean… nothing.

For example, upsetting someone and then utilising a non-apology, apology with the fake-ness immersed with contrition leads to… I don’t even know what the point is any more.  Have we become so immersed in the nuances of diplomacy and semantics that we can no longer be bothered to simply tell someone that we are not amused. Instead we give some long winded pseudo parable about the value of friendships, which eventually amounts to nothing more than a few well hashtags cynical tweets. Then when the sun sets and we approach bed time, we go to bed not knowing why we were pissed of in the morning.

Oh well, I’m off to go be verbose somewhere else and spin a web of words in order to ensnare a victim and then beat them with my arrogance and well synonym-ed vocabulary.

You win, I lose. It was ever thus. What do you win? a loss of minutes of your life.


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