Dark Knight Feeling.

I went from being the favourite to the most hated,

Even though my opposition consists of those I liberated,

The very same people I fought for now call me overrated

Fists through walls, Everyone ignored my calls

Didn’t go to bars but ended up in brawls,

The spiral was downward, many falls.


So, I went to the table and was dealt new cards

Was taught the game by the liars and the bards

Learnt to differentiate between meters and yards

Dishonesty was my suit, morals strewn like glass shards.


Die a hero or become a villain,

This Dark Knight feeling stopped me from killin’

I ignored the new scripture and returned to the old

I might only achieve bronze but too toxic is gold.


Stand up, stand tall,

lose balance but never fall

It’s your time; conquer all.

Do it well, Do it now

Come out the cave with the right intentions,

And the path will find you somehow.


2 comments on “Dark Knight Feeling.

  1. adsunsri says:

    Lovely verses ,especially the last stanza!

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