Pleasure, not pain

An individual is lonely and seeks company just for the night. An individual seeks to be pleasured and made love to for a few hours in order to satisfy their carnal desires and cravings. This individual tires of a relationship with their hand and a couple of cheap videos and seeks the touch of another person, the excitement and lack of judgement that often appears when clothes disappear. But this person cannot, because curing loneliness by brandishing a wallet is deemed illegal. It’s one of mankind’s oldest debates and now, well into the 21st century, it remains unresolved. Prostitution is the trading of a service for money, just like the trade of weaponry and the trading of financial services. Sex is the good traded with the purpose of pleasuring the consumer. Yet it is all terribly wrong and immoral because men and women ought to be illegally trafficked and sold, subjected to appalling treatment and forced to sell themselves for sex. 21st century, and we’re about as civilised as the barbarians.

Let’s begin by looking at the real issue; this isn’t about whether prostitution is good or bad. This isn’t about how our morality would be brought into question if we legalized the sale of sexual services. No, the issue is, should prostitution be legalized or not? The issue is, will legalizing prostitution benefit or harm society? Well, legalizing something gives it credibility, stability and structure. It allows for people to be made aware of what is really going on and an educated society is a better society…. Unless of course you’re from the animal farm where knowledge is ignorance…
The point is, the stigma attached to prostitution is similar to the one attached to coloured people before the emancipation proclamation and the overhaul of the system allowing coloured people to be integrated into society. Until they were not recognized as members of the society by the law, they were freely prosecuted and prejudiced against.

Second, consider the social costs of policing an illegal “invisible” economy service. Imagine all the time spent rounding up prostitutes while the real criminals get to wreak havoc on society. Surely then it would be beneficial to legalize the service and allow for it to be “visibly” regulated. “But how can you convince all the “madams” and the “pimps” to open up boutiques and file their tax receipts?” Good question, simple answer. You approach the situation in the same manner you approach all situations. If they violate laws they will be sanctioned, fined and prosecuted. Simple.

“What kind of message would be sending out to future generations?” fantastic question. What kind of message are you sending out by illegally soliciting sex from helpless, often drugged, individuals? I’m sure legally doing and protecting said providers of the service is a better message to send out.

20120530-041800 PM.jpg
Next, consider the health and safety issues. Currently, women are being brought into countries with the promise of glamorous jobs serving rich men. Yes… they do service rich men, against their will and at the cost of their dignity. If you legalize prostitution, such issues can be negated, Labour cards and trade unions can protect “prostitute” and they will be licensed and allowed to practice their craft by the law and anyone who misbehaves shall be… prosecuted. Not let off and sent away into the arms of their forgiving spouses or pillows or whatever their story. Prostitutes can undergo medical check ups and this whole AIDS and other STDs issue might actually witness a decline.

In conclusion; we all prostitute ourselves daily. Please do not gasp in horror because you know I’m right. We are guilty of dropping a button or wearing a shorter skirt or taking advantage of our vulnerable bosses with the flexing of our muscles or well placed flirtatious remarks. All for the hope of better pay and the expense of their heightened pleasure. That is exactly what prostitutes are doing, they are providing a service that if legalized will aid many a dwindling economy and will lead to an understanding of the practice. Prostitution may be good or bad, but it is a service that minimises health and safety issues when regulated unlike many drugs or other vices. Prostitution may be good or bad, but it deserves to be legalised.


3 comments on “Pleasure, not pain

  1. mhairi says:

    It is not the women who sell sexual services who are the problem, but the men who buy them.

    Decriminalise sale; prosecute purchase.

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