A stranger

His gaze surveyed the broken and desolate landscape around him. He had been sitting there, as still as a statue, as alert as a hawk, watching the moon rise as the sun set further west. He looked as the city began to twinkle artificially under the night sky and the sounds of the living and unhappy drenched him like an unavoidably humidity.

Disdainfully, he walked along the streets, reading expressions and conjuring up background stories for all those who passed him by. He felt like a hunter, surveying the flock for his unsuspecting prey. Yet the rumble within him wasn’t of hunger, it was a rumble of emptiness signalling his continuing loneliness. Unable to maintain relationships, he had built walls and barriers to keep people away from him. Not for his own protection, but for theirs. He was a threat to all those around him and therefore a self imposed exile was the only appropriate form of protection he could provide.

Death was out of the question; he had mastered cheating death and broken bones only served to placate and please him. The pain was a constant saviour from his internal pain, the pain of regret, the pain of love, the pain of loss. The turmoil within him was palpable, yet his calculated, cool and composed exterior gave nothing away. The little conversation he engaged in allowed for him to easily deflect the probing questions and the persistent few were given scraps of information to feast on for an indefinite amount of time.

Time. He smirked… sadly. It was a smile with the edges of his lips tilting downwards in a frown. Yet to an onlooker, he was just another apathetic individual going nowhere. Time. He clenched his fists and decided to sate his hunger. But as he contemplated, the moon began to set and the sun began to rise. Relaxing his tensed body, he stole away into the shadows, alone and unknown. Repose.


2 comments on “A stranger

  1. Anon says:

    How does one decide they’re a threat without being told they are? What if it is all in their minds?

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