Why I like the sound of “Call me maybe”

Yea, got you didn’t I? You probably thought this would be some post detailing my affection for Carly Ray Jepsen. See that’s the problem nowadays; you cannot say a perfectly overused and clichéd phrase without thinking of some ridiculous song that features it. Video might have killed the radio star, but music is now killing society’s catch phrases. Okay… okay, this will not become a diatribe about yet another thing I dislike, but instead I actually wanted to focus on the phrase itself.

In today’s day and age (I really don’t think a song has featured that…), it seems that we are less interested in using mobile phones for actual conversations and we are rapidly developing a unfathomable affection for instant messaging. What began with “call me maybe” evolved into “email me maybe” and then slowly we’ve reached the era of “facebook/bbm/whatsapp/imessage/poke me maybe.”

So I’m going to cut this post short and say I understand that all of us lead busy lives, what with our hectic schedules full of procrastination and our dwindling vocabulary and marketable social skills. Thus IM is the way forward, but come on… Stop yourself before you forget how to laugh and instead with a straight face say “lol.” Stop yourself before the tone of your voice is judged by the font you use, and your wittiness is assessed by your ability to google quotes and share them.

And… don’t I.M me… call me… maybe?

No seriously, just do it… DAMMIT NIKE -__-

3 comments on “Why I like the sound of “Call me maybe”

  1. DG says:

    I would.. but you’re usually too busy to talk 😉

  2. Elaine says:

    I’ve been looking around the place and I’m liking (LOVING) what I am reading. Seems literary heaven is a place on earth. Oh, see what I did there? =) On that note, you need to email me maybe?

    • the artist. says:

      ha.ha.ha … thank you for all the “love.” much appreciated…and yes your musical reference didn’t go unnoticed :p
      i shall email you soon! bogged down by work atm and I believe your wonderful video deserves a similar response

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