Word to 1 billion people

I’m from a nation of poverty and fear,

Where a bankrupt guy is selling beer.

Government’s promises are on repeat,

But the poor man still has nothing to eat,

His children walk barefoot to avoid washing other’s feet.

The child lives in a slum beside a billion dollar mansion

He has to share his room with 10 other people while the rich look at plans for expansion.

This is a nation where truth alone prevails,

While our justice system continuously fails,

Bad policy making by the powers that be,

Ensure higher taxes and even death is no longer free.

Truth remains silent,

As notorious individuals continue being violent.

This is a nation of hope and dreams

Where the woman being raped is ignored despite her screams.

Where the media looks for ratings rather than news,

And anything branded under star only seeks to amuse.

It’s not about monetary it’s about morality

If you’re not corrupt in the heart, you won’t be in the mind

Humanity and sanity is not all that hard to find.

Politics isn’t a business, it’s about improving welfare

1 billion people, start taking care.

Someone needs to tell them the game is up,

They better sort it out before, rather than being half full, there is no cup.


5 comments on “Word to 1 billion people

  1. nittin says:

    Nice poem touching so many aspects ! very relevant and sadly unfortunate ! keep writing

  2. DG says:

    love the way you’ve written this.. another brilliant piece of writing.

  3. sarah says:

    Very sensitively penned up, covering problems of our country. If only they could be tackled. Sigh.
    good work!

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