What TV show influenced your adolescence?

I seem to be developing a habit of writing about tv shows but; it isn’t my fault they’re all ending. Clearly, if 2012 isn’t ending the human race, it’s ending all the good tv shows.

Anyway, the topic today is; what tv show influenced my teenage years?

If you are really old and living of social security and state pensions or experiencing a more Baghban (inside joke for desis) situation; well then, think of whatever movie defined your teenage years.

As far as I go; I could be a typical nerd and talk about West Wing or the Practice and Boston Legal, in addition to David Attenborough. Or I could be a teenager and talk about tv shows including Captain Oats and Princess Sparkles or One tree hill or girls who gossip a lot or diaries about vampires. Or I could be senile and talk about the Bold and Beautiful and Eastenders. I’m not sure really. I mean, I went through a stage where I actually tried to wear elastic string around my neck a la Ryan from the OC before realising I’m brown, have a mushroom haircut and the fashion sense of a homeless person (I cannot believe I just insulted the homeless).

But if I was to talk about a tv show that most influenced my teenage years, I would have to give the award to The West Wing. I’m sorry to all the beautiful brunettes and blondes of the CW, but I choose a combination of excessive wit and intellect over limited brains and excessive beauty.

The West Wing encompasses all genres within a scintillating 7 seasons. It even discusses how the government sometimes does good things for Prostitutes working in order to pay for law school. A winner right? (Bet our adult film watching Indian politicians would love to be a part of this universe.) West Wing also includes relationships between co-workers, man and woman, man and man, voters and politicians, republicans and democrats and above all familial relationships.

However, the reason West Wing influenced me to a great extent was the sheer dialogue and intensity of conversations. It is a huge reason behind my desire to debate. The vocabulary and treasure trove of knowledge allowed for me to become an anathema to Librarians and teachers until every single one of them simply replied with; “google it.”

The west wing is also a TV show that includes a high degree of cathartic moments, realistic interchanges and ideals and morals worth learning. It is a TV show that made me think and broaden my perspective of the world I live in.

I cannot say that my life would have been worse without the West Wing, but I can definitely say I would have been watching a lot more of degenerate teenage garbage had it not been around.

So what TV show most influenced your teenage years?


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