Skinny people

It’s a strange world that we live in. Okay, excuse the understatement of the millennium, but the point still stands. The media shows pictures of little African children with their ribs exposed and size zero waistlines and chastises society for not doing enough to feed them. Flip the channel onto E with an exclamation mark (E! totally creative right?) and you see the channel glorifying women with waistlines smaller than newborn babies and more angles on their faces that convoluted shapes.

Point is; I don’t get it. Why do people want to be skinny? Okay, I cannot believe I just typed that considering I like skinny people. Wait! that’s the answer; we’re all superficial people. Unless your into loving… more.

But then, I suppose I ought to distinguish between people who are skinny because they don’t eat and people who are skinny because they maintain a fitness regime and diet that keeps them in that delicious shape. Gosh, I am such a lecherous human being…. Anyway, the point is; we really need to decide whether we like skinny people or not because men and women alike are pursuing skinniness over happiness nowadays, which is why Will Smith’s pursuit of happiness failed to become a cult movie, we just have different priorities.

Take me for example, I was once a round ball of cynicism and hatefullness and then I met a girl. That is the start of most tragedies; but it caused me to take fitness seriously and I actually pushed myself to turn my rubber into muscle. The result; I’m still hateful and cynical but at least, i can flex muscles instead of simulating the ripple effect. But am I happier? no… not really. I miss consuming loads of endorphins releasing food.

So dear skinny people, make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons of self satisfaction rather than societal acceptance. Cause tomorrow flares might be back in fashion and moobs (breasts for men) and side burns and extra large sizes might be back in fashion and then… what’s going to happen to you?



5 comments on “Skinny people

  1. Direwolf says:

    Whether someone is skinny because they don’t eat or because they exercise, doesn’t really matter. We’re taught to categorize any civilized human, who isn’t parading around in tires of themselves, as sickly and anorexic. People with athletic physiques are often put into the same ‘skinny people’ bracket. I think this is because you can only really be fat or skinny according to society. Often, people are skinny because of self esteem issues or the people around them. There is however, a handful of people who do it for the right reasons. Our bodies are vessels that we sail through our entire lives with, you’ve got to make sure you maintain it.

    On a side note, more often than not, skinny girls who are fit and not emaciated, are the ones who are content with their bodies because they’ve got something to flaunt, if they ever wanted to.

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  3. bhavanas11 says:

    hey..good post–skinny issue is a fat issue to deal with!!!

  4. DG says:

    “Point is; I don’t get it. Why do people want to be skinny? Okay, I cannot believe I just typed that considering I like skinny people.”

    with the exception of your moti best frand 😛

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