Colouring in the dark… one note at a time.

The lights dimmed across the stage as she strode in her sleek dress and sat atop the stool. The mic shimmered and while the crowd drank in her beauty, a pianist and guitarist ambled onto the stage and took their positions.

A crowd of lost and misguided people were silenced by the majestic tone of the grand piano, complimented perfectly by the strings of a well tuned guitar. But the crowd were overwhelmed when her voice descended upon them. Such beauty could not even be captured by artists, such finesse could not be expressed by dramatists and such mastery of lyrics so excellent would not be possible in any lifetime. Yet here it was. A girl, nay a lady, with flawless skin and intense eyes and above all; a radiant voice.

As the lights changed colours, her voice lit up every soul in the audience. Paper butterflies descended from the sky, peacefully, elegantly, yet not even such aesthetics could create a diversion away from her.

There are nights when people need to feel the warm embrace of a loved one, the laughter of a crowd, the wisdom of the experienced and the company of good lyrics. Yet if you stood there, waving your phone from side to side; you would have been whole.  Her dream transpired into their reality. The song ended but the beauty and purity of her voice lingered long after, like a scent one would do anything to not wash away.


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