IPL? yes please.

You are a Rahul Dravid fan. You enjoy excessively monotonous sports kits and you think everyone looks good in white only. The concept of playing under lights repulses you and an excessive amount of six hitting and unorthodoxed batting perplexes the inner elitist within you. You are a classy person and watching axe yielding circus clowns on a cricket pitch is akin to a revolution in your eyes. It must be quashed.

Do you want a few more fielders for a defensive shot?

But that’s you; not me. Don’t get me wrong oh allegedly superior person. I enjoy test matches and one day cricket too. In fact, if I was fat or extremely rich, or both, I would spend all my time watching test matches and even chess matches. But I’m not and the prospect of watching a scintillating contest between bat and ball within the space of a few hours leaves me grinning like a Cheshire cat.

seriously; if nothing else, watching Sreesanth get slapped is more than enough.

I’ve been criticised for not being a pure cricket fan because battles of attrition where the batsman is slyly defending a clever bowler. But, I’m not living off my pension yet so come on! I’m not a great fan of waiting 132 balls to see a batsman score a hundred (cough Tendulkar vs. Bangladesh cough), and I even assume an alias when I do criticise such boring innings.

The point is, I’m a fan of the Indian paisa  premier league. I enjoy the superhuman fielding efforts, the scoop shots, the switch hits and the slog sweeps. I enjoy the life IPL breathes into an ancient game. Let me highlight a point for you;

It took West Indies around 75 overs to cross 200 runs. It took Royal Challengers of Bangalore 18.3 overs.

Undoubtedly, test match cricket is the truest form of the great game. Really challenging teams across 5 whole days. It’s not just a physical contest but also a test of mental strength and strategies.

Yet, IPL and T20 cricket does the same. Spinners have to bowl as if it is an over. 5 dot balls and the 6th sent sailing over the boundary; that is a contest. Batsmen have to score quick runs against bowlers who bowl yorkers as if it’s pay per view; that is a contest. Fielders who will fly over the boundary ropes to catch and through the ball to another fielder in order to take a wicket; that is desperation. That is competition. Oh and I’m a big fan of Lalit Modi and his excellent choice of suits.

Just watch this image for a few hours… that’s test cricket.

Cricket is great and we should still persist with test match cricket; but IPL and T20 cricket; that’s the 100m sprint to your 42 km marathon.

Having said all that though; I prefer the game without cheerleaders who are about as attractive as seductive zombies.


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