When I discovered my personality by observing my bedroom

Some people are judged by the company they keep. That would make things rather difficult while judging me for I don’t really keep any company… barring my mobile phone…

Some people are judged by their attire. Again, that would be rather difficult while judging me, because I wear anything (for my gender) and everything, even pink shirts. Does that say I’m versatile and adaptable? No, it simply means  I’ve so overwhelmed by the apathy I feel towards clothes, I only buy expensive brands that don’t flaunt their logos. Fantastic, I’m a subtle capitalist.

Some intellectual people judge others by their bookshelves. Now, Harry Potter’s neighbourhood on my bookshelf consists of Ludlum, Plato, Ken Folett, Yann Martel and many others. So does this mean I am a mature reader who enjoys mainstream literature too? No it simply means, I am a voracious reader. Nothing more, nothing else. I will even read your book someday dear reader, for if you have a story to tell, I have time to be regaled. However, do ensure that your text is not a grammatical nightmare; the only horror I enjoy is Cinematic.

Now, how then does once judge me? Simple, judge me the way I judge myself; take a walk through my room. My room is at once the neatest and untidiest of places. It is the classiest and trashiest of abodes. At first glance, you see a room designed by a master of ergonomics, and an interior designer who loves Italian furniture more for the simple sophistication rather than elaborate designs.

You see no clutter at eye level. Wardrobes are organised, draws are clutter free, bedsides indicate someone who really doesn’t hold anything dear to him. But then you view my workspace and my bookshelf. Disorganisation and chaos detract from the elegance and class of the room. It is akin to visiting a city called Mumbai in India, and seeing a large 2 billion dollar house situated beside a slum.

You know what I learnt about myself that day? There is a façade that people see. But when they look below their eye level, they see a treasure chest of chaos. The personality lies below the tables and in the Bookshelves, not within the wardrobes and in the trophy cabinets and display pieces.

Having said all that; you still can’t really discern my personality. My room was designed.


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