Two sides of the same coin

Religious people do not annoy me.

Atheists do not annoy me.

What annoys me is those who hide behind either of the aforementioned titles and do whatever they feel like doing.

For example; beating your wife for not wearing a veil or looking in the direction of another man. No religion in this world at least condones such actions. In fact, religions are opposed to physical violence in relation to a woman, as that very woman is a daughter or a mother, or a sister or perhaps all 3.

Likewise, wearing the title of an atheist does not afford the luxury of committing countless travesties simply because the law permits it and you don’t really care about religion.

Furthermore, both parties are guilty of bashing each other. God and religion bashers, if you’re all so self assured about the “fact” that God doesn’t exist, great! I applaud you. But use your time for a better purpose, like working to save the economy or curing cancer or getting the reliable field of science to find a reason behind Autism. Do not question what kind of God allows for such evil to exist in society. Find a way to rid evil yourself.

Religious people, if you’re so sure about the “fact” that God exists, great! Pray for strength and patience. Do not pray for the apple to fall out of the tree, pray for the intellect and strength and perseverance to reach the apple. Do not impose your religious views on your fellow human being. Behave as your religion recommends; set an example to your community. Actions speak louder than words.

The problem is; both sides have drifted so far from their core principles it seems as if they’re trying to be proven wrong. Atheists constantly claiming that God doesn’t exists for a variety of reasons almost seem to be looking for an answer that would prove them wrong. Believers vehemently protesting God’s existence without having understood the texts they are referring to seem to be waiting for the killer blow that proves them wrong.

Both sides have valid points. Either side may be right. But just as wise men think alike, fools seldom differ.


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