I think I underestimated my parents…

My Parents are ageing… Soon enough, they’ll succumb to grey hair and start their incessant nagging and back seat driving… Wait, they already do that. Never-mind. Point is, they’ll get old, and when they were kids, TV was reserved for nasa and all that jazz. However, my parents turned out to be quite smart.

When they began noticing my tendency to take an hour on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday morning to indulge in a bunch of TV shows, they decided to have them cancelled. It is no surprise then that the year 2012 has already seen the demise of the fantastic One Tree Hill and most recently Harry’s law, with House set to air its series finale soon enough.

9 million loyal viewers in the States and it still gets cancelled.

Then, back in the day, when I was young like a caterpillar (really, how do I manage to consistently come out with so much crap?) I used to watch Boston Legal and The West Wing. Both shows ended after my parents voiced their disapproval of me spending too much time on them.

Now, I’m not a person who entertains too many conspiracies. Okay, I do think my neighbour is an assassin, but I have my reasons…. Point is, this is elementary logic. My parents voice their disapproval, A tv show gets cancelled. Therefore my parents cancelled the TV show.

You seem discomforted by such simplicity. Well, you’re not wrong. What I’ve just described to you is an ancient scenario called “Post hoc, ergo popter hoc.” After this, therefore because of this, which quite frankly is not a given. Correlation does not imply causation. But still, I harbour a doubt that my parents are actually agents for parents next door… (I watched kids next door back in the day and they’ve all grown up so … it’s a logical thing).

Oh well, to whoever is getting rid of all the amazing TV shows out there, based on ratings or whatever; you’re all idiots. Oh, and I learnt that “post hoc” phrase… from a tv show…

Sometimes I wish Ekta Kapoor and the brainiacs from India could make such excellent TV shows. At least then, we’d get to see 100 seasons. The only opportunity cost there is terrible advertising and the occasional freeze frame shifting across every single character present in the scene simply to make a mockery out of the climax.

that’s the finger we all should point to TV corporations.


2 comments on “I think I underestimated my parents…

  1. Direwolf says:

    You ought to take care of your neighbor.

    • the artist. says:

      Well I can’t when my channels of communication are limited to the odd message here and there. I’m working in implementing a code… Like the Nazi’s enigma but more genius!

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