A tragic love story

Once upon a time, in an era where inflation was stable, economies were witnessing growth, unemployment was falling and people were generally buying things above their pay grade, I was in a stable relationship with fizzy, carbonated drinks. I would enjoy the company of Pepsi and Coco-Cola (I do not discriminate between races) and I would caress and hold and savour my drink. My lips would drain… never-mind, this is a family friendly post… Point is, I was happy.

Then disaster struck and the honeymoon period of contentedness was obliterated. I was unable to stay faithful and cheated and opted for the healthier and more boring option for water. As with most failed relationships, in the end we parted only to become completely estranged. A thankless, boring relationship ensued and the years passed on without me ever visiting carbonated drinks. Life took on a peaceful yet monotonous path and time continued to tick on unabated.

Recently though, I strolled into a mini-mart and saw it. Those curves, that intensity, that simple yet sophisticated design drew me in and seduced me. Without any rational thought, I went through the appropriate channels and acquired the beauty. However, just like two star crossed lovers, it just wasn’t meant to be. Stepping out of the mini-mart, I raised the beauty up to relish the moment and in an instant, my life was turned upside down.

Screeching tires, flashing lights and screams erupted. Okay, I lie. A car veered close to me and my grip slipped and in the blink of an eyelid, the damage was done and my carbonated fizzy drink was gone. It was over.  I was alone.

But, in a typically convoluted way, there’s a weird sense of satisfaction I felt. I stretched out my arms and went after something I wanted. So what if I didn’t get it? We had a moment and that will remain with me….


Until the next time I buy a fizzy drink…


2 comments on “A tragic love story

  1. jmnartsy says:

    You were overtaken by a grand desire formed of a long-lived memory. Life happens, and you couldn’t resist…I know that feeling! ;oD

  2. DG says:

    only you are capable of writing such a post 😛

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