A thought….

For all the progress society has made, we still indulge in dramas as a form of escapism from our day to day personal dramas. From the beginning of time to the Ancient Greeks, to Shakespearean times to Ekta Kapoor (every single melodramatic desi tv show) to Shonda Rhimes (Greys anatomy) to David Shore (House) we find catharsis and an overwhelming emotional purgatory in the death of a scripted death of a character or relationship.

Our tears flood freely, our passages of air feel constricted and we feel choked. Yet, week after week, we watch the latest episode and live someone else’s life for approximately an hour.
We form bonds with characters, we see our own personalities appear in certain episodes and we see plot lines that we can relate too.

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But you’ve got to ask yourself; is this form of catharsis and escapism good? Are we really escaping or merely drowning our sorrows? Is it more harmful to punch a wall and scar your skin or to watch a heartbreaking tv show that can effect you and your decisions?

I’m not sure, but I do know that in the dawn of my adolescence, the phrase “people always leave” or “there is a tide in the affairs of men” had a significant impact on me and my burgeoning narcissism and negativity.

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I do know that a friendship between a parent and their child made me feel bitter due to the difficult relationship with my own parents.
I do know that seeing someone leave their family and propose to their girlfriend made me consider such outlandish ideas.
Yes, I might seem foolhardy, naive and easily detracted from reality by contrived television, but can you really tell me I’m the only one?
Do people actually feel saddened after watching an episode? Or extremely pleased and content? Irrespective of what has occurred during the day?

Am I just impressionable? Or just looking for a better script that could maybe alter the course of my own life? I don’t know….

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One comment on “A thought….

  1. fasy41 says:

    I think the more important question to ask is WHY we indulge in such escapism? is reality not good enough. After all we can’t all have bad lives to not be able to truly live them. The themes of shows, books and movies are consistent: friendship, love, success, morals … so why dont we learn from them and apply them to reality. I think either escaping is easier than living and we’re all lazy, or perfection can only be achieved in fantasy.

    great post! 🙂

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