Mistakes and lessons.

Mistakes made, lessons learnt,
Touched the kettle, fingers burnt.
But bad habits die hard as I sit within mistakes galore
It’s cold outside, but I patiently wait and continue to knock at your door.

Dreams and memories
What-ifs and reveries
Questions unanswered and words I never said,
All these things wreak havoc in my head.

I seek a resolution
Not a drawn out conclusion.
I don’t seek a restart,
You were an illusion, a devious devil from the start,
But I’ve moved on but my head needs to satisfy my aching heart.

Mistakes made, lessons learnt,
You were my kettle, you left me burnt.

20120510-121232 AM.jpg


4 comments on “Mistakes and lessons.

  1. Direwolf says:

    But some of us, still hold on to the kettle.

  2. Direwolf says:

    Ah, but some people never learn…
    We love to hate our suffering, even when it is self imposed.

    • the artist. says:

      Those who never learn need better guidance or better opticians to see the long term damage they’re inflicting on themselves… It’s sad and easier said than done… But sometimes we have to respect ourselves first.

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