“You say you’re wounded, but i see no scars”
How can you see when our distance is like that of venus and mars?
The ice in your heart is wearing my fire thin
We’re losing the battle we once fought, together, to win.
We build walls to keep each other out,
Yet we stand at our windows, smile to hide our inner doubt
We have a compass yet it points to nowhere,
Is this a game, because it seems far too unfair,
You’re calling the shots even though we’re on cruise control,
I cannot fight fire with fire because i’m all out of coal.
So either take a shovel and bury me
Or leave my heart and set me free
Because these wounds are running too deep
Blood from my heart will not cease to seep.
Head held high but emotionally low,
Make up your mind; stay or go.

20120508-115525 PM.jpg


5 comments on “Wounded.

  1. shreyashively says:

    I love the fact that its simple, and yet hit home so hard.

  2. myblog1962 says:

    brilliant piece of work.

  3. DG says:

    slightly dark but that’s what makes it amazing..

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