I love India because…

I’m not so sure right now… There are a lot of flaws with the nation and its people; however, most of the time we manage to rise above it and still make giant strides towards progression, both socially and economically.
Yet, off late, there has been an increase in the output of negatives from “the great nation.”
Take for example the recent increase in activists protesting against corruption. I’ve already hammered Anna Hazare for using his fasting as an excuse to lose weight, but the really dubious character is Baba Ramdev.
Recently at a rally, Ramdev was asked by a student about his escape from Delhi’s Ramleela Ground, dressed as a woman. Pause. Chaos. The student is dragged out away from the rally and beat up by a group of educated and knowledgeable inbreds. What does Ramdev do? Nothing. The police do… Nothing.
Pause, think about the Aarushi’s murder. the cracks that have appeared in the judicial system over the past year have been amplified by this case.

You’ve got to wonder where what went wrong. A corrupt man preaching corruption. Laws defending criminals and politicians imitating children in a play ground. We can build nuclear weapons and cheer economic development but if we can’t fix our morals and overt hypocrisy, then no amount of money will buy us out of that recession.

I love India because… Well, I’m now searching for the answer. You should too.

20120508-110346 AM.jpg


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