Thought process

So, I’ve been bereft of good ideas today and my previous post was, quite frankly, a rant lacking organisation and clarity. So I sat down and decided to be regaled by the telivision. Here’s what happened;

20120507-121536 AM.jpg

20120507-121333 AM.jpg

So after all that, I’m not really feeling inspired or terrified for that matter. Apparently, television, after midnight, is only good for the deprived or the depraved.Then I got hit by a flash of inspiration (actually a fly began to attack me) and I thought W.W.S.D? (what would Shakespeare do?) the answer was simple;

20120507-121822 AM.jpg
Rather self satisfied; I stroked my 2 day old stubble, clicked “new post,” checked my battery life, and without any further delay, set about writing!


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