Before you read, consider the title. This is a rant, not a bedtime story.

Leave a comment on a facebook post or a tumblr and suddenly you can be deemed a stalker…. Well that makes sense, considering the purpose of your facebook or tumblr is for people to be exposed to your life.
But hey, I suppose it’s rape if she’s consenting to it.

What is wrong with people? Stalking is defined as unwanted attention or harrasment and viewing a website that hasn’t been privatised does not constitute “stalking.” Leaving anonymous comments of praise is even less deserving of such titles. But I suppose complimenting a member of the opposite sex on their attire is sexual harassment…

Anyway, the old adage familiarity breeds contempt is extremely true. Back in school, I had a couple of friends that I, now,would willingly enter into the hunger games. Call me hostile, but when people who are past their teenage years behave like pre-adolescents, for petty and negative reasons, there is something clinically wrong with them. And accusing someone of stalking is quite frankly an obnoxious act, even if it is said in a light hearted and dismissive manner.

Perhaps all facebooking pre madonnas and tumblr’ing preachers should be classified as shameless exhibitionists?


2 comments on “Rant.

  1. Direwolf says:

    If you’d put them into the hunger games, were they ever really your friends?
    Why take offense when none was intended?

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