Is it really racist?

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So a bunch of “dudes” from a group called Das Racist have taken offence to Aston Kutcher’s stereotypical portrayal of an Indian man finding love in a packet of low fat crisps.
Now what I take offence with is the notion that an Indian man would opt for anything “low fat.” That is simply an outrageous and, quite frankly, a disgusting claim. If I had a couple of hundred thousand dollars, I would the crisp makers for incorrect information.

Alas, it seems society has been blind-sighted by this racism crap again. Yea, Aston “divorced” Kutcher assumes several different personas in an advert for crisps, yet people fail to see the funny side.
I suppose these very people are the ones who are referred to as “fobs” who also walk around wearing socks and sandals and saying “innit?” at every opportunity.

I’m curious though. Why do people like Russel Peters and Dave Chapelle get to ridicule black, white, brown, yellow, green and every other skin colour and Kutcher doesn’t get to portray stereotypes that are omnipresent in society?

Correct me if I’m wrong but why didn’t the homosexual community take offence with Aston Kutcher’s act? Or was he pretending to me a deranged cat loving Italian? I sometimes can’t tell the difference. Hey! Don’t judge! I wear glasses for a reason…

Anyway, I think Kutcher wasn’t wrong. It was the directors and producers of the ad if anything that should be slapped with wet fish. Or harassed by “Das Racist.” Who are these racist people anyway !?
All Kutcher did was act and considering the different roles he played, I’d say he did a good job! But hey, call it racist instead of dealing with the real problem. You convenience seeking cowards.

Also Aston, you are all in the same category…

By the way, if you live under a rock and do not know what I’m on about…. Click here

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One comment on “Is it really racist?

  1. diane says:

    today it’s one inflammatory ad. tomorrow it becomes 10 stereotypical, racist ads. soon a whole new generation of kids will run around thinking it’s okay to be racist… what then?

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